To print the manual completely, please, download it. To dial using EasyDial: Some Muratec fax machines, which are actually computers dedicated to telecommunications, allow users to change bits of infor- mation to provide or cancel features through software settings. Table Of Contents Making copies Silent mode allows you to mute the ringer, the alarm and the key tones. Before you begin, please note that before your fax can be used and before you can turn on power to the unit for the first time, there are important precautions to take. Page Fax dialing with programmable one-touch To dial a fax call using a programmable one-touch number:

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Basic operation Reviewing or canceling commands Your fax machine can store many jobs in its memory. In an ordinary broadcast, you send the fax as you normally would, except you just add more fax numbers.

Muratec MFX-1200 Operating Instructions Manual

Review Mfd quality problems pages 5. You can program the soft keys on the control panel to turn on or off any function with just the touch of a button. One-touch phone dialing To dial a phone call using a one-touch number, you must have an optional handset attached to your machine. In this Auto Redial mode, your fax automatically redials the number up to two times at one minute inter- 1200.


Autodialer basics How do you autodial? Muratec America Press To set the printing 12200 of these reports: Troubleshooting The scanner lamp is dim or inoperable. Page 2 Welcome Thank you! Away from direct sunlight To avoid overheating, set up your fax machine away from direct sunlight or a heater. This is the password -compatible F-Code fax transactions. Primary document type Sets the document type for your documents.

When the department code setting is activated, the machine reminds each user to enter the department code before sending or polling a document. The Activity Journal then keeps track of fax transactions by department. To dial using EasyDial: Getting started Press until the recording paper size for the bypass tray you want appears. COPY Turn the sort setting off. Press until Communication appears.

mvx Specifications Specifications General Type: Common questions We re here to help you! Power Requirements Never disassemble your fax machine! Making copy settings When the machine is in the Copy mode, the shows: Dialing a telephone number Pick up the optional handset.

Page but not previous opera- tions.

Mffx features Security features Your machine has a number of security features to keep your private fax documents private, avoid unwanted outside communication and even protect against unautho- rized use of your machine. Silent mode allows you to mute the ringer, the alarm and the key tones.


F-Code Document Enter I. If none do, please call your authorized Muratec dealer or call the Muratec Customer Support Center at from the U. You can set the primary paper size for the bypass tray in this step. There are several kinds of polling: Advanced Features Advanced Features This chapter describes convenient features of your machine. After installation, these programs can be turned back on.


The light stays on until the machine prints a Check Message report. Getting started Press to begin jfx fax transmission, reception or copying. When you use the glass, the machine always uses memory transmission even if you set the memory transmission to off.