See the Manufacturer codes for compatible brands listed at the end of this topic. Off, 30, 60, 90, or minutes. After the first year, there is a charge. If the brand of your device is not listed, your device cannot be programmed into this remote control. Available services now include CinemaNow, Snapfish, and Live The Aspect button is not valid when viewing the Media function. Press Back to exit.

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Nediasmart a number button 0 through 9 to directly select channels, and then press Enter. Nikko, Manufacturer codes for compatible brands. An active broadband network connection to the Internet, such as a cable modem or DSL.

Press Recorded TV to open a list of recorded television programs for the device controlled by the remote control, if the device supports the button.

HP MediaSmart TVs – Using the Extender for Windows Media Center

Press Menu again to exit the menus and return to your TV display. Remoge, Toshiba, Remote control DVD player or similar device buttons. Press Next to go to the next item. Press Source to select a new input source and exit the Extender mode.


Press Power to turn the selected device on or off. Colour Voice Press Guide to display the guide for the device, if the device supports the button.

Press Rec record to open begin recording for the AUX device, if the device supports the button.

HP MediaSmart Connect – Using the HP xn MediaSmart Connect Remote Control | HP® Customer Support

Panasonic, Insignia, The Media mode interface was designed by HP and provides a unique and simple way to navigate through personal content and online media. Asia Pacific and Oceania. Broksonic, Audiovox,, In the media menus, this is the Blue context button; press the Fav Blue button to cause an action specific to the current media menu or item. Press Record to open begin recording for the device, if the device supports the button.

HP MediaSmart Connect – Using the HP x280n MediaSmart Connect Remote Control

Asia Pacific and Oceania. Hitachi,,,,,,,,,,, Panasonic,,,,,,,,, Liteon, Aiwa,, If the device turns off, continue with step 6.


If there is no security on the wireless networkthe MediaSmart TV connects to the network. The bottom right corner of the screen displays the number of media servers available to the TV.

Tivo,,, Press the Device button as needed to select the device. Digital cable set-top box. Samsung,, Either press an Arrow button to select the source to view, and then press OKor press Source button mediasmar to close the list without changing the source.

The MediaSmart TV can be an extender to only one computer at a time.