DHT file and the first 2 lines you’ll see will look like this: Its fairly hefty so it might obstruct other USB ports on your computer. As far as i know yes. Simply turn your DS on with the card inserted and hold down ‘Start’ when booting the G6. You can have up to a total of 5 different skins to select from, and they are selectable from within the GUI. And in general, the features do not seem very polished yet.

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Not only about the screen base map may also replace, the vegetable single scroll, the tool fence, the chart sign, the button, the typeface color and so on may realize from the definition, the new system also supports the dynamic chart sign demonstration function, has increased the more creations space for the contact surface design. A bit of disappointment is the fact that G6DS Real USB linker does not allow you to backup real game carts nor connect other flash kits and write to them.

Genuine dynamic chart sign contact surface and entire system function conformity May become effective immediately perfectly trades the skin function not to need to open again The movie, the music, the electricity?? You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.

G6DS Real Review

Credits to Drackel for this tip The second and most crucial and annoying bug is that the touch screen controls are totally uncalibrated and messed up. M3 Perfect Lite Adapter. One thing to point out though, if you flip the card over and take a look at the golden fingers, you’ll notice that there are no plastic strips separating each pin unlike most other retail and flash carts.


Fortunately there is a speedier way of finding the correct cheat file.

The G6 DS Real Review

Copying Content Across Copying your files across is as easy as dragging and dropping. Also, make sure never to remove the geal from the linker when the blue light is lit.

Now let’s take a look at that interesting USB linker. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. This adds a couple of seconds load time. The careful movie card product old user also can discover that, the new contact surface chart sign position, the menu content, the hot key definition and so on all according to used needs to carry on the adjustment with the operation custom, like this was enables other brand card belts the v6ds also with ease to begin.

Now we can take a peak at the G6DS Real in all its naked glory. Yes sleep mode works perfectly. When you choose a game, you enter a menu that gives you options for cheating, soft reset, slow-motion switch, and the actual slow-motion level. Very easy to use if it reql for some touch screen calibration issues. File drag and drop takes few moments. The linker is slightly larger horizontally than a DS game card, and is about as thick as a 3 DS cards stacked together.

G6DS Real FAQ | G6DS Real 8Gb & 16Gb

I personally liked the G6DS Real and would absolutely recommend it to anybody. Similar threads with keywords: Because of the glossy layer on the sticker, it feels like it is sticking out more than it really is.


You can open it from wherever you like, ‘My Computer’ for example. And obviously, the makers of the G6DS Real is the G6 team, who are known to produce high quality products, and rreal behind their acrd for a very long time.

Remember that if you want to use the features of Soft Reset and Cheat you must place all. Fortunately, the team have released version 1. The price of course is different from one online shop to another.

Simply drop the codes onto the console. Let’s take a quick look at the official feature list of the G6DS Real Only can replace the base map, also the base map replacement operation needs csrd rely on the computer to complete the picture the replace.

It touts features such as onboard flash memory and perfect download play compatibility. G6d still room for improvement though, so hopefully the team will continue to take our criticism seriously and improve the OS. G6 Lite Flash 3rd. PdaDS is not available.

The plastic and mould is good quality and you should have no concern over inserting it into your DS.