Elad Efrat has merged his kauth 9 work see http: Rui Paulo updated postfix to version 2. The positive results speak for themselves, and we hope to continue to hold these events on a more or less regular basis. It consists of a kernel VFS attachment and a user level framework library, libpuffs. Subsequently a great number of ports have been timercounterized see http:

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IPv6 etberip options can crash the system SA Timecounters will replace the previously machine dependent microtime implementations. The pkgsrcQ3 branch included packages in total, with notable updates including: Most changes are in -current and unlikely to make the NetBSD 4.

etherip: Ethernet-in-IPv4 tunneling []

The new netbsd-4 branch was then cut and the start of the 4. See his email to the port-powerpc mailing list. In order to allow our users to follow the most important changes over the last few months, we provide a brief summary in these official status reports, released with irregular regularity. This represents a selected subset of fixes deemed critical in nature for stability or security reasons.

These reports are suitable for reproduction and publication in part or in whole as long as the source is clearly indicated.

Building Ethernet-over-IP tunnels with Linux | Ifblog (ponderings )

After a fair amount of discussions, sendmail was removed from the NetBSD source tree on May 30th,in part due to its security track record. Not etyerip on acorn32, but it seems to work etehrip well on an A For a full report on the progress made in each of these projects, please see http: Following this, he has submitted a proposal regarding dividing securelevel implications to kauth 9 scopes http: The full article is available at http: The upcoming NetBSD 4.


It consists of a kernel VFS attachment and a user level framework library, libpuffs.

Manuel Bouyer announced in a message to the port-xen mailing list that NetBSD is finally usable as a Domain0 with version 3 of the Xen virtual machine monitor. IPSec replay attack SA NetBSD on the Desktop http: For a full list of port-specific changes, please refer to http: This version linuz been pulled up into the netbsd-3 and netbsd-4 branches.

Despite hundreds of hours spent on this process by our volunteers we have not obtained agreements linjx a few people, and the NetBSD Foundation announced in September that developer access for those without agreements was disabled. In May, the release engineering team announced that the netbsd branch will no longer be actively maintained.

Individual changes to the NetBSD source and pkgsrc can be monitored on the source-changes and pkgsrc-changes mailing lists. Menuhin Saitov organized a booth at the Linux-days in Essen, Germany, dubbed “come2linux” on September 9th and 10th.


The NetBSD Foundation Quarterly Report: April – December 2006

The boot-from-disk memory corruption bug has been found and fixed in -current. Please check the Security Advisories page for full details of all advisories.

After importing timecounters some long standing time keeping issues were solved. The only difference between an etherip interface and a real ethernet interface is that there is an IP tunnel instead of a wire. That is, the encapsulation looks like this: Also busy multiprocessor servers where relieved from the clock slowdown problem.

The organization of the first two Bugathons was done almost entirely and spontaneously by Elad Egherip.

With fifty seven different system architectures in total and binary support of 53 architectures in our last official release NetBSD 3. The pkgsrcQ4 branch included packages in total, with notable updates including: For historical reasons, there were a etberip of developers whose agreements were either lost or never received; these developers were given the opportunity to submit a new signed agreement.

In a project that has people spread all over the globe, it’s not always easy to coordinate efforts.