Inside, the unit was still sitting in its plastic-wrap on cardboard cradle. There is the more boring pages where it shows you the basic information of the device and the ability to rename or reassign the COM port numbers. It also offers a self-testing page which allows you to test the ports by digital loopback and by external loopback requiring the loopback plug wired to their specifications. Starting up four sessions of Hyperterminal, I checked the maximum baud rate it would respond to. Contact a Digi expert and get started today! It is also available from Synnex. This company specialised in high performance USB adaptation solutions, with the Edgeport already showing up in their catalogues as of

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January 19, at 3: This seems to be quite an efficient design. The unit itself was very much a plastic box, with the front still adorned by the Inside Out Networks branding, maybe using up the old stock of front-labels.

The rear features 8 DB-9 ports in close proximity, with just enough space for regular plugs to clear. Wow that certainly is an interesting device, think of the possibilities. The Goodies Rather surprisingly, the unit was in its original box, with the tape unopened wibdows by the donor to check the contents. Industrial Precision Agriculture Manufacturing Automation. It was a hassle free install, and off we went.

Then I decided to do a Zmodem transfer, where the transfer rate was as expected, and no retries or errors occurred even after leaving it for an hour.


– Edgeport/8 DB-9 – 8 RS serial DB-9 – Digi International

Please log in or register to add a comment. This company specialised edfeport/8 high performance USB adaptation solutions, with the Edgeport already showing up in their catalogues as of Thanks for the quick reply. Remote Device Manager Monitor and maintain deployments.

Digi XBee Ecosystem Explore and create wireless connectivity.

Edgeport/8 DB-9 – 8 RS-232 serial DB-9

Thanks again for your comments on all of my recent posts — definitely inspiring and enlightening. January 19, at 2: Proudly powered exgeport/8 WordPress.

I need the drivers and I can’t find a download anywhere. The serial port transmitted data asynchronously with start and stop bit framing, and operated commonly at rates of,, and bps. These may be the options that can save your bacon when it comes to finicky industrial systems with very fixed design expectations.

However, the one thing I am interested in is seeing it push data back and forth — for that I got out my two trusty null modem cables and hooked them up between Port 1 and 2; and Port 3 and 4.

Teardown: Digi International Edgeport/8 RS to USB Converter | Gough’s Tech Zone

One status LED window is provided on the front. For the price, it does seem somewhat devoid of components. Otherwise, you might be running a point-of-sale style system where you have a custom keyboard, docket printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, and swipe-card reader all of the serial variety. The first step was to install the drivers.


This shows me that the flow control is pretty good, with sufficient buffering and good drivers to make sure nothing is lost even at high bitrates beyond their claimed bps supported. Failure Analysis and Cigi. Rather surprisingly to me, they are the company behind the rather popular Xbee modular radios used very often with Arduinos and other microcontrollers. It is also available from Synnex.

A single USB B connector provides data and power, with no external power required. Starting up four sessions of Hyperterminal, I checked the maximum baud rate it would respond to. Please log in or register to answer this question.

Digi Edgeport 8 – Serial Adapter

A distinctive feature is the corner which is slightly recessed and made smaller, with ribbing. I am having issues with this same converter in which hardware flow control seems to have some hickups in OpenVMS. Of course, you could add another serial card and get another two ports, but after getting to that stage, you would often find issues with IRQ sharing leading to strange behaviour e. edgepor/t8

This entry was posted in Computing and tagged computer hardwaresalvageteardownusbvintage stuff. However, despite the Edgeport being branded a Digi product, its heritage is actually rather different.