Oh, and thanks to Favux, who helped me get my Wacom working. I’ve moved your thread into the Introductions sticky. I spent almost every waking moment working on em. I have a keen interest in all types of computing activities. Hi everyone, I’ve been using Ubuntu for a while now, although i’m still pretty much a newbie. I know you’re wondering how I could afford a Powerbook back in the day?

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I start telling my friends about it and until 10 of my friends are now using it and they all like it. Hello, I’m Paul; I have used Linux for about five years now. Many liked it and most of my English classmates are using it.

Hey im Andy, And I’ve been using Ubuntu for about a year. Basically I want to try Java with Ant programming on it along with some shell scripting trials Anyway, that’s probably enough for now from me.

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Hello, I guess I’m the new kid in class for the day! D Hope to see you around. I have quite some experience in coding the old window style, but it’s time for something new!


As of today I’ve built three computer rigs. A great funeral it will be Sorry about the long post, hope you drea make it through it ;D. My name is Kromgol and i recently decided to try out Linux again, but unfortunately not Ubuntu as i do now sit with Arch Linux which suits my needs better. I’ve been messing with Ubuntu since 8.

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I use Ubuntu on all of my computers, some duel-boot, and have convinced others to switch to Linux as well. It was a tedious, grueling process of Googling, searching and by the way, the folks at Debian Forums don’t like kidsand trial-and-error. Keep up the good work! This website uses cookies to give you the we of service.

These Forums always benefit from more Australians: As you can probably tell by my user name, my business is Brian, The Computer Wizard. Glad you are well, Blessings to everyone there! The brand didn’t matter, the parts however, do. I wil keep coming back for sure.

Hi, I’ve been using linux for about six weeks now, and have gotten into this os in a big way since then! I live in the USA, Washington state to be exact. I was asked if I had a choice what I could be reincarnated as, what would that be How about a link to the thread you already put up so people reading this can backtrace it hopefully answer it?


If you have a Msn,please contact me: I was so impressed with I had set it up as a testbed on my other machine, and since it presented itself in good shape there I decided to throw it on my main machine. Even though not perfect I never expected the first release of a new interface to be perfect It seems much more professional and has so much more potential that previous releases.

I got pretty into it, and when I got my laptop, the first thing I did was forget the pre-installed Windows, and asked my dad to install Linux.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to get to know the community. Hi Guys, Been on here a few days now, great forum. Until about a month ago.