I called a friend of mine who owns a computer company, and he said that what I should do is remove the CMOS battery and then put it back in, as it might have gotten knocked. MrPink , Mar 7, Similar Threads – Acer aspire z. You’re out of warranty, chose not to get the extended plan when you bought it, then ranted here when the world didn’t bend over backward to make you happy. Skibums , Dec 14, Secondly, there was NO consistency to the problem.

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Acer aspire 5610z Major problems

Do you honestly think they should overnight drop-ship a replacement to you at their expense, because even though you’re out of warranty you’re solidly convinced everything is wlreless fault? Well, except for that nasty audio glitch that others reported and is fixed with a BIOS update. Blacky Dec 16, Then the guy who answered the phone tells me it’s not his problem.

Acer has some of the best notebooks around for the price. Log in or Sign up. I freely admit we are a family of 5 laptops 3 of which belong to university students in the midst of finals, terms papers etc.

I find you amusing, but your type of attitude is one of the biggest problems with consumerism today. If it were that important, and you were that rich, you wouldn’t have a ten year old Dell. CharredPCDec 14, I aacer enter the bios at all to fix anything. I hope eventually everything works out for you, but thanks for staying away from Acer. When I went to turn it back on, it would only show the first screen, what with the Acer logo and the little blue bar on the bottom.


Your name or email address: I finally gave in this past May as my husband has had frequent contact with Acer in Asia and had never heard of any difficulties. Acer Aspire 7 freeridingDec 27, at 8: Perhaps I should complain to GM that my car charger and cellphone aren’t compatible Three years ago, we purchased one for a wirelesz heading to college. If I had it to do again, Dell would be my number 1 choice.

Acer Aspire Z Wireless LAN Atheros AR Driver Download for Windows XP x32 ver.

Now, that is service. Both fairly quick, matured, and with decent compatibility.

Glad someone responded to this idiot. Most of us here enjoy their products, and we don’t need your self-important thread-jacking. Acer aspire z Major problems Discussion in ‘ Acer ‘ started by shankariJun 22, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Model number is PA As far as a charger goes, it’s a very generic Lite-On brick that delivers 19 volts at 3.


Mine is prmarily for business use. After getting nowhereduring call 1 to Acer, I even asked for a loaner, heck what did I have to lose?

When I go to do that, the option is replaced with “Please Wait I spent time contacting Acer this morning twice and was told during the 1st call to send it in -at my cost- and it would be a minimum of business days. Does Acer have a local shop down the street from you, or do you think the electronics store should just let you ‘borrow’ their display model?

Even a guide as to how to properly disassemble the laptop would be helpful so I could find it myself. What is wirwless, a car garage? Yet you thought they should fix it, and clearly got angry when it was completely out of their control.

Similar Threads – Acer aspire z.