Was actually eyeing this particular system yesterday when I was doing research online trying to decide what machine to buy. It is unfortunate this unit will be stuck with it’s soldered RAM, but if I’m able to have success trying to flash a customized BIOS, I hope to squeeze as much performance as I can by tweaking timings and trying light OC’ing. Want to add to the discussion? The only AMD graphics supported are those native to actual Apple hardware, which Apple supports themselves in their closed ecosystem. This topic has been locked due to inactivity for a long period of time.

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Could you perhaps detail exactly what you did?


I’ve scanndr the same as you’re saying, especially being an owner of the Acer Swift 3 U myself. I know the smoothness factor is relative from person to person. Svanner just getting over the discomfort of getting the first few to pop loose. And a simple laptop with integrated graphics, or even low end disctete mobile graphics, is all you need for simple animation projects where some of the work is hand drawn and the backgrounds are combinations of hand drawn and actual 3D models, or simple cutouts with images mapped on them.


Original articles are always better than a reddit textpost. I know many feel 16GB is mandatory, and while I admit I don’t know the impact of what I’m about to say offhand, I’d rather save the battery life not refreshing an extra 8GB I personally won’t use on my portable.

I’m going to see if they have any on hand at my local Walmart after I get off work tonight! It’s difficult to get started but once you get it going, a side or two, it starts to come off easily. Home Reviews News Forums. If you’d read the review then you would have noticed that Doom kept crashing when they were launching it, hence the 0.

Nevermind about the above. It used to be Intel only, and we’re not really seeing it on AMD boards, yet.

I highly recommend this device. We support graphics cards starting from GTX 4xx computing capability 2.

Solved: HP Envy x with the AMD Ryzen 5 u Problems – HP Support Community –

Boring but pays well. CPU-Z will show that.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? The two types of monitor nerds are mainly artists and gamers. Using the laptop to compile the kernel is a pleasure. Or even if the RAM is upgradeble? I am having trouble figuring out how to do that.

In the past, notebook manufacturers were responsible for delivering new versions of the graphics drivers, repacked by their software teams. Where did you find this? I’ve been in love with the concept of mobile Raven Ridge since last year, so this is like Christmas to me. I like the form factor from what I’ve seen in pictures, for sure. Otherwise, you can also contact our Phone Support for assistance.


No referral links, including Amazon! Even saying that makes me feel like I picked between children. I’m excited to see what comes next, too!

I’ll primarily play games on scamner gaming desktop, but it’s super cool to have this on-the-go. It’s a clean setup out of the box.

We only support graphics cards with GCN architecture 2. They are both great for this sized laptop. Things like platform power draw.

Message 6 of I’m very impressed with AMDs CPU lineup and want to do all I can to support their progress and future development by using their new hardware as it comes out.